Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Prefers DuckDuckGo Over Google

jack Dorsey prffers duckduckgo over google

Google CEO Jack Dorsey prefers over the most popular browser over the web, Google. Duckduckgo (in short DDG) is an internet search engine that emphasizes protecting searchers’ privacy. Duckduckgo distinguishes itself from the other search engines on the web by not profiling its users and not showing all users the same search results for the same search term. It emphasizes returning the best results (rather than returning the most results) generating those results from over 400 individual sources such as crowd sourced sites like Wikipedia, and even other search engines like Bing, Yahoo!, etc.

Google by far and large, is the most seen search engine for its sheer ability to answer millions and billions of queries faster and with more relevant results compared to any other search engine. Google has approximately 81.5% of the search engine market share (as on September 2019 according to Net market share).

Privacy of Duckduckgo

Privacy, this topic has taken center stage this year as many companies rushed to introduce features that ensure users’ privacy. We also have seen companies like Apple launch Sign in with Apple at the Apple Worldwide Developers’ Conference 2019(in short WWDC). Firefox launched new privacy improvements in the search engine that come by default, unlike Google Chrome. They even declared tool that let’s you throw advertisers.

In spite of all the convenience that Google provides, it is not giving us privacy. Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey is one such user who has switched to a more private search engine, Duckduckgo as his default search engine.

Unlike Google, Duckduckgo neither tracks its users’ IP address, nor does it try to take advantage of the search history. It has no personal data to sell, so a website or marketer will remain in the dark about user preferences and will not be able to target them with personalized advertisements based on information

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