December sale : Flipkart’s Big Shopping Day

Flipkart confirmed their December Sale known as the “Big Shopping Days”

This 6 days event will start on December 2 and will go till December 5.

Flipkart have also collaborated with HDFC bank to provide an instant discount of 10 % on EMI transactions.

The access to the sale will be provided to the Flipkart Plus members a day early (November 30, 2019).

As always, it will provide a great deals on smartphones, TVs, fashion, electrical appliances, furniture etc.

As always, it will declare it’s news deals on different time periods on each day. (This time 12 am, 8 am and 4 pm)

Highlights for the event:

The iphone 7 will be sold around 25,000 INR and iphone 8 around 33,999 INR.

Samsung S9 to be sold around 27,999 INR and Samsung S9 plus will be sold around 34,999 INR.

Redmi X will be available at 14,999 INR.

Redmi 5 Pro at an super affordable price of 12,999 INR.

It will also have discounts on Gaming laptops, TVs, Home appliances etc.

Gaming Laptops will have 40 % discount and TVs will be sold on 75% discount!

Other products like fitness bands, headphones, smartwatches, shoes etc. will also be available for a great price.

Flipkart will also provide a great deal on the Google Nest Mini. Flipkart says that it is ” Mini and mighty, to double your delight. Google Nest Mini has 2X stronger bass than the original Mini. It’s also wall-mount ready and Hindi compatible “

According to this statement, it will be huge update on the older version, as it is wall mount ready, hindi compatible, 2X stronger bass.

Others thoughts on the sale:

People are really very excited about the sale, on social media sites the trending page is fulled with the sale information. Still there are mixed reviews about the sale. According to some people we should not purchase the products that will be sold in this sale and according to some people this event will be the best time to buy some new products and save money.

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