Nirbhaya Case Convicts To Be Hanged To Death : Court

nirbhay case convicts to be hanged

What is Nirbhaya Case

The 2012 Delhi gang rape(Known as Nirbhaya case) case involved a rape and fatal assault incident which took place on 16th December,2012 in a small neighbourhood in Delhi, Munirka. The incident occurred when a 23-year old lady, Jyoti Singh was beaten, gang-raped and tortured in a private bus in which she was travelling with her friend, Awindra Pratap Pandey. There were six other people in the bus, all of whom severely raped the woman and beat her friend, Awindra. 11 days after the incident, Jyoti was transferred to a hospital in Singapore for emergency treatment but passed away to her injuries two days later. The incident generated widespread national and international coverage and was widely convicted all over the wolrd.

On Tuesday, a Delhi court said that the four convicts in the Nirbhaya Gang rape and murder case will be hanged on 22nd January at 7:00 am in Tihar jail. Tihar Jail officials are now expected to write to UP Prisons to seek service of a hangman and to inform them about the date and time of execution of all four convicts which is decided by the court.

Nirbhaya’s mother, Asha Devi, welcomed the Delhi court’s decision to issue a death warrant to the four convicts( Mukesh, Vinay Sharma, Akshay Singh and Pawan Gupta) in the December 2012 Nirbhaya gang rape and murder case. She expressed a sense of gratitude and satisfaction to the judiciary for the punishment offered to the four rapists and said that the hearing in the cases of rape and murder should be fast tracked.

Pawan Jallad, a third-generation executioner at the Meerut District Jail, had expressed his desire to hang the four accused persons to death. Speaking to Aajtak after the order was pronounced, Pawan Jallad said, “I am ready to hang them.”

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