Congress leader Jitin Prasad said big statement, told the population responsible for idle and economic recession

Congress Leader

New Delhi: While the Modi government at the center is the victim of criticism of the opposition for the slowdown in the economy, a statement from Congress leader Jitin Prasad can give relief to the government. Congress leader Jitin Prasad has said that the population is responsible for the economic slowdown in the country. He also blamed the population for the increasing idle.

Jitin Prasad also called for legislation to stop the population, blaming the population for unemployment and slowdown in the economy. He said that there should be a nationwide discussion on population control and legislation should be made for this. If the country has to move forward, concrete steps will have to be taken for this. I demand from the government that whatever law needs to be brought for this, the government should bring it.

He also said that the economy is sinking and unemployment is increasing. This happened because the population was not controlled. Due to the increasing population of India, the impact on environment, water crisis, pressure on natural resources increased. So it is important in the national interest that we should all work together, rise above politics.

Jitin Prasad said that the nation comes first. People and parties come after that. The things that are best for the country are important. Population control is very important for the country and legislation should be made on it. The public also wants to control the country’s growing population. The Congress party has tried for this before and today we need to try again. The vastly increased population will affect the coming generations. I have talked to people on the ground and people are in favor that population should be controlled.

Let us know that at this time the government is surrounded by criticisms from all around on the economic slowdown. Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has also said that the country is caught in the trap of recession due to the demonetisation and GST decisions made by the Modi government. Therefore, instead of the policies of the Modi government, Congress leader Jitin Prasad’s explanation of the population as the reason for the economic downturn may bring some relief for the Modi government.

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