UP schools in a serious condition? A major health issue in UP.

Mid Day Meal is taken as a joke in UP. Instead of vegetables, pulses, fruits or milk children were given chapatis and salt as a part of Mid Day Meal at Mirzapur Primary School in Hinauta village. The district authorities called it as “a serious lapse.”
The cook at the school said that she was given only half a kilogram of potatoes to feed all the students.

If this would have continued then the salt would have direct effect on the student’s blood pressure. The more salt you eat, the higher your blood pressure. The extra salt could also affect your arteries, brain and kidneys. This can lead to heart attacks ,strokes, dementia and kidney disease.
The cook and the teachers were suspended due to this.
Mirzapur District Magistrate (DM) Anurag Patel blamed the teachers for the mismanagement.

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