Are you suffering from common cold? Check out the way to get instant relief from this!

It is difficult to cure common cold easily but here are some common cold remedies that will surely help you to cure it in just a few days. You will find ease to reduce the symptoms of cold by this.

Whenever you catch cold, you feel so miserable for at least 2 to 3 weeks.So besides getting enough rest, these remedies might help you feel better.

Here you go!

Usage of Salt-Water Rinse

It can help break up the congestion in your nose. If you go the rinsing route, try this recipe:

  • First of all,mix three teaspoons of iodide-salt and one teaspoon of baking soda.
  • Place in an airtight container.
  • Add one teaspoon of this mixture to eight ounces of lukewarm boiled or distilled water.

Then, fill the syringe with this solution. Bend down your head over a basin and gently squirt the salt water into your nose. Hold one nostril closed by putting light finger pressure while squirting the mixture into the other nostril. Let it drain. Then treat the other nostril.

Always use distilled or previous boiled water when you make this solution. Otherwise you might get an infection.

Sip warm liquids

A  remedy  which is used in many cultures, is to take in warm liquids, such as chicken soup, tea, or warm apple juice, might be soothing and also ease congestion by increasing mucus flow.

Try an Extra Pillow Under Your Head

Do this at night when you sleep to help relieve congested nasal passages. If the angle is too awkward, place the pillows between the mattress and box springs according to the comfortable zone.

Go for gargling

This remedy can ease a sore throat, which is considered one of the first symptoms of a cold. There are a variety of saltwater gargle recipes, including gargling with 1 teaspoon of salt mixed in a cup of warm water.Another way is to gargle with warm water that is mixed with half a teaspoon of lemon juice and honey. It is important that people ensure that water is not too hot.

 Taking proper rest

Your body needs rest for complete recovery.

Honey preparations

According to Pediatrics giving honey to children before going to bed helps decrease night time coughs.

Honey should not be given to babies under the age of 1, because it contains botulinum spores. If the spores grow in a baby’s immature digestive tract, they can make a baby ill.

Prevention from cold

As we all know that prevention is better than a cure. Although it is not always possible to prevent a cold, following precautions may help.

Below are some ways to decrease the chances of developing the cold.

Frequent hand-wash

By  hand-washing one may easily avoid getting a cold.Viruses may develop on the hands, which is why repeated hand-washing is one of the best ways to avoid getting a cold.

People should use soap and water while washing their hands,and rub their hands together for at least 20 seconds. Hand sanitizers can be an option if soap and water are not available.

Maintaining the immune system sturdy

We cannot remove all the germs from our body but by maintaining the immune system sturdy or strong and working well, a person increases their chances of fighting off the germs they encounter.

Getting enough sleep, exercising daily, and eating a balanced diet are important ways of keeping a good immune system. Avoiding smoking can also keep the immune system strong.

Avoid exposure to others

When someone is suffering from a cold, it’s important that they take certain precautions to avoid spreading the virus. These steps include:

  •  Avoid exposing other people to the virus.
  • Moving away from other people while sneezing.
  • Throwing away any used tissues so that others can’t get touched to them.

Are you aware about the benefits of dry ginger in preventing colds?

  • Dry ginger consists of anti-inflammatory properties.
  • During rainy and winter season,it keeps the body warm and prevent cold or flu.
  • It helps in eliminating toxins and congestion from the body.

At some point, almost everyone gets a cold. Cold is  caused by a virus, which means an antibiotic is not an effective treatment.

Antibiotics  attack bacteria, but they cannot  help against viruses. You should avoid asking your doctor for antibiotics for a cold or using old antibiotics you have been using so far. You won’t get- well any faster, and improper use of antibiotics contributes to the serious and growing problem of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

You can’t afford to get sick, and you can’t depend on the present health care system to keep you well. It’s up to you to protect and maintain your body’s innate capacity for health and healing by making the right choices in how you live. -Andrew Weil

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