Amazon fire have a negative effect on health

Experts warn that the forest fires at Amazon Rainforest that have flamed up Brazil for 3 weeks could have many effects on our health.

In August More than 26,000 fires have been noted in the Amazon so far. According to Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research this is the highest number there in nearly a decade. This is about 60% of the Amazon, which covers more than 2 million square miles, in Brazil. Conservationists claimed that the fires have been set purposely, to clear the land for animal raising and other purposes.

Amazon forest fire

Health and conservation experts say if the fires are not terminate soon, the Amazon may reach a critical ”tipping point.” Often called ”the planet’s lungs,” the Amazon rainforest is a carbon ”sink,” sucking up carbon dioxide and providing about 20% of the world’s oxygen.

Carbon dioxide can be poisonous and very injurious to the humans , It rises the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere , It causes the global warming effect that has bad effects on the Earth.

 Kerry Cesareo said “If we can’t protect the Amazon, we will lose the fight against the climate crisis” senior vice president for forests for the World Wildlife Fund. “We have already lost about 20% of the rainforest,” she says. According to a 2018 report, the tipping point is 25%.

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