Agra: Girl affected by rabies died due to late admission in hospital.

An 8 year old girl, Anju, infected by rabies died because she was denied admission in Agra’s Sarojini Naidu Medical College (SNMC).

Anju was bitten by a stray dog before a month. Her father, Ramveer Singh made several rounds at the local community health center (CHC) to get the anti-rabies vaccine (ARV) but could not get it.

When the condition was more critical than her parents took her to the CHC where they were referred to go to the SNMC.

Ramveer arrived to the emergency ward of SNMC around 12:30 pm and than he was sent to the children’s ward. Meanwhile his girl’s condition became more critical and she was suffering from severe pain.

The poor parents of the girl waited for about 7 hours outside the emergency ward, but the doctor told them to take their child to Delhi for her treatment.

Her parents could not afford her treatment in Delhi and the girl died in her mother’s lap outside the emergency ward.

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