Ranu Mandal: From Bengal Railway station to Bollywood Junction

Ranu Mondal’s rise to popularity seems to be like the script of classic Bollywood rags to riches stories. The woman in her 50s caught the attention of the nation after a good Samaritan Atindra Chakraborty, an engineer by profession, filmed her singing at Ranaghat railway station and then posted it on Facebook.

Kolkata woman Ranu Mandal became an internet sensation after her video of singing Lata Mangeshkar’s famous song ‘Pyaar Ka Nagmaa’ on Railway station  went viral on the internet. Now she has got an opportunity in Bollywood. She has recorded a song with ace Bollywood’s playback singer Himesh Reshammiya.

A video was shared on social media which shows ‘Ranu di’ recording a song “Teri Meri Kahani” for the upcoming ‘Happy Hardy and Heer’. She is also seen in a singing reality show ‘Superstar Singer’. The episode is also aired on Sony Entertainment Television.

Source: YouTube Channel ‘Mysterious World’

Himesh said,“Salman (Khan) Bhai’s father Salim uncle once advised me that whenever in life I come across a talented person, I should never let that person go and keep him/her close to me. He advised me to help that person grow his/her talent.” He added,“Today, I met Ranuji and I feel that she is blessed with divinity. Her singing was mesmerizing and I could not stop myself from offering her the best I could. She has a god’s gift which needs to be shared with the world and by singing in my upcoming movie, Happy Hardy and Heer, I think I will help her voice reach everyone.” The song is titled, ‘Teri Meri Kahani’.

Here is Himesh Reshammiya’s recent tweet:

Eminent singers, actors, and common men became instant admirers of her sweet-sounding voice.

All the name and fame aside, the biggest gift she received after the social media fame is a visit by her daughter, who was not in touch with her since last 10 years. “This is my second life. And I will try to make the most out of it,” she says.

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