Meade is interested in Indian Films

Meade is originally from White Plains, New York but moved to Connecticut where he went on to attend Woodstock Academy for high school. [18] An athlete, Meade played basketball, tennis and was the captain of his soccer team. [16] He graduated in 2012. [16] He enrolled into Eastern Connecticut State University where he studied marketing and was a member of the marketing club. [16] He dropped out in order to pursue entrepreneurial ventures. [12]

Over the years, Bollywood has become a lucrative market for all sorts of talents across the world and looking at the same reason, Gregory Meade, a renowned US-based fashion photographer, has decided to establish himself in this industry.
Being a professional fashion photographer and winning laurels at various international platforms for his work, he has already been working for some world class brands over the years. His work has been praised repeatedly by his clients and him moving to Bollywood is surely going to add more versatility and talent to the industry.
Despite being a well known photographer, he understands the value of working in a vast industry like Bollywood.
“I have worked for some top brands in my career but working in Bollywood seems like a dream come true. This is really going to be challenging but that is something which keeps me motivated to become better in my job everyday,” said Meade.
“I know this is a great opportunity for me to work with some of the biggest names of the industry and I will try to give my best shot at every task I will be assigned here,” he added.
Apart from the top brands, he has also executed some photoshoots for a few elite magazines. His work has been recognised globally and his clients have always been satisfied with his performance.
He has been following Bollywood for years now and is aiming to work with some big names of the industry.
“Being in the fashion photography field, following Indian trends is a must. Indian fashion is an inspiration for all and has always fascinated me. After a long wait, I am finally getting a chance to work here and hence, I will look forward to share a movie set with the likes of Karan Johar, SS Rajamouli, Shah Rukh Khan and many more,” he stated.
After coming to India, he has already done a shoot for a top news magazine and has been praised for his work as well.
With the amount of caliber he possesses, it is apparent that he will surely move ranks and soon become a force to reckon in Bollywood.

During high school and early college, Meade was the Assistant Manager of Listing and Research Teams for Portlight LLC, one of the largest drop-shopping shops on Amazon, and learned the ins and outs of eCommerce. [16] In 2010, Greg and his brother Chris started the film production company SeaMeade and creates videos videos for hire ranging from commercials, weddings, banquets, music videos, as well as photograph a number of events including banquets, weddings, promotional, commercial, senior portraits, and modeling.

One of Meade’s first products to take off is The King Brand, a herb enhancer, which he launched with his partner Davante Rowe in 2014.[12] His responsibilities include overseeing and managing the brand’s image, managing employees, social media, public relations, advertising, and international issues, and develop partnerships with with celebrities, wholesalers, retailers, distributors and convenience chains. [16]
In February 2017, Meade and his team launched Novlte, a smoking brand that creates some of the top most widely-aware smoking products in the industry. [12]
Alongside his brother Chris and close friend Mike, Greg and them created the game CROSSNET which combines four square withvolleyball. [11] The game has since grown to become popular on the beaches of Florida and San Diego. [11] Greg’s responsibilities as CEO include shaping the culture around CROSSNET, building the management team, and overseeing the overall image of the brand. [16]
In November 2016, Meade became the Co-Founder and Vice President of eCom Champs Social Media Agency and manages the social media accounts for top brands, influencers, and businesses. [16] Meade has been the Vice President of Marketing of Jersey Champs since January 2017 and runs social media and ad campaigns. [16] He also designs jerseys and develop relationships with influencers, celebrities, and retailers. [16]

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