Jonas Brothers Visited A Fan Who Missed Concert Due to Chemotherapy Treatment

You’ll love this if you’re a sucker for a heartwarming surprise. Lily Jordan’s cute encounter with the Jonas Brothers is shared on the medical center’s official Facebook page.

Before the Jonas Brothers had concert in Hershey, Pennsylvania, they made a pit stop Saturday to reward a special fan.

Lily Jordan, 16 years old girl, had jokingly invited the band to come to visit her at Penn State Children’s Hospital, where she was receiving chemotherapy treatment for cancer.

The Jonas Brothers “literally made my life”,said a female fan, who was so happy to be surprised by the Jo-Bros recently.

Lily Jordan asked her Instagram followers to tag the Jonas Brothers, requesting them to drop by at the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, just days ahead of the concert. She said its “right across the street” from concert venue Hersheypark Stadium, as she won’t be able to attend it because she had her chemotherapy session. And it looks like word reached out and the Jonas Brothers did drop by at the hospital ahead of their Hershey concert. Joining the Jo-Bros was also Priyanka Chopra, which was a double surprise for Lily Jordan.

Priyanka accompanied the brothers to the hospital. A video of their interaction made its way online.The video shows the trio talking to Lily when Nick introduces his wife to her. Priyanka extends her hand to her when Lily says, “Oh my gosh hi! Hi nice to meet you. Oh my gosh you’re so beautiful.” Priyanka smiles at her compliment and goes back to stand against a wall and let her have more time with the brothers.

Source: YouTube Channel Secret Media Hacker

Here is an Instagram pic we found:

The Jonas Brothers promised Lily Jordan that they would play her favourite song at the Hershey concert: “Do you have a favourite song that we can dedicate to you?”,they asked her and Lily picked the song S.O.S from their second album. Lily, who is also a huge Game Of Thrones fan, had a gift for Sophie Turner, which she handed over to Joe Jonas.

Later, Lily Jordan thanked the Jonas Brothers for converting her “crappy chemo session into something incredibly special and unforgettable.”

Look at this post by Priyanka Chopra:

Happiness Begins is the Jonas Brother’s first mega tour after they reunited earlier this year. The Jonas Brothers will travel over 70 locations across North America and Europe as part of their tour, which will come to an end next year with the final performance in Paris on February 22.

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