UK to deepen research education relations with India

In what is casted as the largest delegation of university leaders to India, senior representatives from 20 UK Universities are appealing with Indian collaborator to understand the vision and priority areas of the government. They are looking to appraise the role the UK and its universities can play to bolster relationships and identify shared preferences for future ties in scholarship and research. This authorization is supported by the UK-India Education Research Initiative (UKIERI).

Sir Steve Smith, Chair, Universities UK International (UUKI) said: “We are interested in deepening the collaboration in research and education between the two countries.It is a collaborative programme wherein the UK government and the Indian government put in money to fund activities and is the best example of bottom-up support. It funds collaboration between institutions. Between 2006 and 2017 it led to 1,057 institutional partnerships, 2,000 research publications and 25,000 academic exchanges”.

He explained that the aim was to expand the number of UK students arriving to Indian institutions. Under UKIERI, a programme called ‘Study in India’ was accepted. It is to originally to revenue 200 UK students to come to India. “Our aim is to double the number of UK students coming to India by March 2021,” said Sir Smith.”Since 2016, the number of Indian students coming to UK universities has increased 100 per cent,” he added.

“In India, we have been interested in the new education policy because some of themes are similar to themes of the British review – the Augar review of the post-18 education in England.”

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