Virat Kohli is disappointed by the fielders in the team

Virat states that Indian Fielders would need to work on their grip and they need to reduce their mistakes.

Quick Points:

India had dropped around 5 catches in the first match of series on Friday.

The condition remained same on Sunday as they dropped 3 catches and helped West Indies to level the situation to 1-1 in Thiruvananthapuram

Virat Kohli, the captain of Indian cricket team, took a striking catch to send back Shimron Hetmyer.

Yuvraj Singh thinks that the sudden matches and simultaneous matches are having an adverse effect on players

There was even a condition where two catches were lost on a single over (The over was bowled by Bhuvneshwar Kumar )

Kohli’s Point of View:

Kohli said after Sunday’s defeat that if the condition remained same then no total is big enough and would downgrade the cricket community if India.

He mentioned that in the first four over Indian Team kept the pressure high, but then the fielders wrecked the game and dropped two catches in a single over.

He affirmed that cricket is a game of margins and they need to find out where they went wrong.

” Cricket is for everyone to see and us to improve “, said Captain

He stated that we need to be more brave and take those catches to win the game.

About Virat’s Spectacular Catch:

Virat Kohli took a striking catch to send back Shimron Hetmyer.

Upcoming Matches:

The 3rd T-20 will be played on December 11,2019.

The 1st ODI will be played on December 15, 2019 vs WI

The 2nd ODI will be played on December 18,2019 vs WI

The 3rd ODI will be played on December 22, 2019 vs WI

The T-20 series with Sri-Lanka will began on 5th January

People’s point of view:

The crowd was disappointed by the fielding of Indian Team in the Sunday Cluster, which led to a 3rd T-20 in series.

Several Memes were also created by the crow, insulting the Indian Team.

Crowd also wishes for Dhoni as they think that Dhoni’s presence would level such worse situation.

Some of them :

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