Ashes 2019: Match Played Without Bails

Ashes is a test cricket series played between England and Australia. The Ashes is being held by the team that most recently won the Test series. If the series is drawn, the team that currently holds the Ashes cup retains the trophy. The term Ashes was originated in a satirical obit published in a British newspaper, The Sporting Times. This was published immediately after Australia’s 1882th victory at the Oval, its first Test win on English soil. The obit stated that English cricket had died, and “the body will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia”.

Only 44 overs were bowled in Manchester as harsh weather blocked proceedings right through the day. Also, very fast and strong winds kept creating chaos and they kept blowing the bails off. This forced the umpires to take off the bails and continue without lodging them back in position. The incident happened in the 32nd over of Australia’s first innings on the rain-hit Wednesday when strong winds led to a beach ball from the crowd come to the pitch as the bails kept flying off their grooves.

These winds created a brawl in the 32nd over which was bowled by English pacer, Stuart Broad. The pacer already seemed very grumpy about bowling into the winds and clearly wasn’t impressed. Further, he was even more enraged when these winds brought together a chips packet just as he was beginning to run into bowl the 4th ball. Then, a chocolate wrapper was blown into the centre and Marnus Labuschagne pulled out once again when the bowler began his run-up.

According to Law 8.5 of cricket, “The umpires may agree to dispense with the use of bails, if necessary. And, if they so agree, then no bails shall be used at either end. The use of bails shall be resumed as soon as conditions permit.”

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